Salford Village Hall
A friendly Cotswold village venue
For parties, functions and community activities

Salford Village Hall - 2016  

Welcome to Salford Village Hall

We ask you to leave it as you find it.


Please wipe up any spillages or dirt off the floor and off the kitchen units.

 Brooms, mops and buckets can be found in the cupboard in the storeroom. Cloths and cleaning materials can be found in the kitchen cupboards.

 Tea towels are found in the kitchen drawers. Please leave them neatly on the right hand surface ready to be washed.

Please advise any breakages on returning the key.

Someone may be using the hall directly after you, so please be considerate.


Non-recyclable rubbish and food should be put into black bin bags (can be found in the kitchen drawers) which should be deposited into the dark grey wheelie bin outside the hall by the disabled entrance.     (Note: the green wheelie bin is for green garden waste only).

Recyclable rubbish should be put into the black recyclable boxes outside the hall by the disabled entrance. This includes:

cardboard / tetrapaks / juice cartons / cans / foil / paper / glass bottles / plastic bottles


The heaters are overnight storage heaters and are set to give background heat appropriate for the time of year. Should you require extra heat please use the override buttons on the top of some of the heaters (an orange light will illuminate when on) and set the ‘output’ accordingly. Please remember to turn these override buttons off when you leave. We ask you not to turn the heaters off at the wall, or adjust the ‘input’ controls.

Chairs and Tables

Please re-stack any chairs and tables into the trolleys and put them back into the storeroom.


We ask that you are considerate to neighbours when using the Hall. In any case all loud music must be turned off by 11.30pm and the Hall vacated by midnight.


If you need assistance, please phone  01608 641414

When you have finished in the Hall please return the key.

Once the Hall has been checked we will phone to inform you and dispose of your deposit cheque.